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How to Manifest using a Vision Boards, at the 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The Lion’s Gate Portal (from the 28th of July until the 12th of August) occurs when Sirius the earth and the Orion constellation align. This is the short period when the Constellation of Orion is aligned with the Pyramids of Giza It is considered by some to be to most opportune time of the year for Manifestation. The Sun is in Leo, which is all about courage, self-confidence and fortitude.The 8th of August (8: 8) is thought to be a particularly auspicious day (if you know anything about numerology, the number 8 is all about magic, abundance, luck, success, achievement and accomplishment. It is also about infinity (an 8 on it's side) balance and karma - what you give, you will receive.

I thought this would be the fortuitous time to create and implement a Lion's Gate 8:8 manifestation Vision Board. A Vision Board is a powerful tool to attract your desires into your life, whether it is a new role, relationship or job; a holiday, a healthier body or happier state of being. As Tony Robbins said; “Deciding to focus on vision means determining the way you want your life to go. To create a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving, you must focus on creating a compelling future”. As I so often point out, where focus goes energy flows. It helps to have something inspirational and aspirational to look at to give you clarity, keep you motivated by providing a constant reminder and positive reinforcement by keeping your goals and values ‘top-of-mind’.

Dido's Vision Board
My 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal Vision Board

Visualisation and affirmations are found to be two key components to manifestation. Many people really make their Vision Board filled with collages of magazine inspiring pictures and quotes (for most people, a picture is worth a thousand words). I however am a “wordsmith” and love the power and energy of words and especially affirmations - so my Vision Board is maybe more an Affirmation Board. Visualisation and affirmations retrain your brain and help to hardwire a destiny. It terms of visualising something…. What you perceive (and add focus, energy, time and resources into) you achieve. Again as I am always saying: You are a self-fulfilling prophecy and you become the story you tell yourself most often!

Some quick steps to making your own Manifestation Vision Board:

Step 1: Planning

  • What wishes and desires do you want to present on your Vision Board board? Clarity is power! Think about your values, career goals, family life, love life, health, and wellness, how you want to spend your free time, or what you want to learn, how do you want to grow and develop yourself and where do you want to contribute to the world I find it useful to ask my clients (if they struggle with this) to ask what they see their Legacy as. What do they wish to leave as their Legacy when they die.

  • It helps to categorise your board into various life areas (which is what I did)

Step 2: Source your supplies and the images, quotes and affirmations which resonate most with you - the more you feel, the more it’s real!

Step 3: Create your Vision Board.

  • Grant yourself the time and (and sacred space) to be creative. Play music, find inspiration through meditation. Pick the images and quotes that resonate most strongly with you. The heightened emotions and motivation you feel when you see the image or read the words must be the same each time you look at your board…so be selective!

  • Always set POSITIVE intentions. The subconscious doesn't 'hear' negatives. So, rather say something like "I am healthy, energetic and vibrant" rather than "I don't want to be fat" Remind yourself about your powerful Reticular Activating System (RAS) if you have forgotten. Because everything is about energy, vibrations and resonance, whatever you focus on most often is construed by the universal field as your intention, and that's what manifests. If you constantly have negative thoughts (based on fear, worry, anxiety, guilt etc) those become your reality. That's how quantum entanglement works - remember you are magnetic and your intentions attract your outcomes/ reality!

  • Remember that the intentions you set, need to be for the highest and greatest good of all. Greed competitiveness and selfishness are less likely to be rewarded by the Universe (which is abundant and benevolent - there is more than enough for everyone). So coming at this, from a place of fear (lack or scarcity) selfishness or greed has a lower vibrational frequency, and is less likely to magnetise what it is you wish for (because the message you are putting out into the field is that what you want is at somebody else's expense). Positive intentions for yourself and for the highest and greatest good, is about sowing good seeds which are in alignment with the fertile field which is filled with Infinite possibilities and opportunities. Be kind and compassionate - it is true that all acts of service are rewarded by the universe (always in God's time and also, not necessarily in kind).

  • Don’t rush the process.

Step 4: Put your Vision Board up in a place you will see it (and have time with it) regularly

Because consistency is so important, I have my Vision Board hanging in front of my own private toilet. I shall be seeing my board and reading and repeating my affirmations every time I go to the loo. Hey diddle-diddle, and I sure can piddle. My dad always said that where God gave everyone else kidney beans, He gave me lentils. When we repeat an action, especially if we add intention (eg intense emotion) neurons in our brain are activated and form connections with other neurons to form a strong neural pathway - that’s how we train our brain. As Dr Joe Dispenza says “what we fire, we (hard)wire”.

  • Place the board in a visible place, somewhere where you see it several times a day.

  • Make time daily with your board. Set aside 10 minutes daily (make it a habit) to sit with purpose reflecting on your board. See each image and remember why you chose it and visualise how you will feel when your desires have been manifested. Think as if it’s already done. Feel the gratitude and imagine how others see you and how you feel having fulfilled / achieved the “vision” you have laid out for yourself.

  • Practice daily routines, rituals and healthy habits that align you with all your intentions. Set S.M.AR.T. goals (find out how to be SMART about your goals here). Be motivated by your Vision Board, reminded Why you desire what you desire, How it will change your (and other's lives) , and then take the necessary actions to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. If you want to be slim and fit, sitting staring at your Vision Board while eating a doughnut won't get you the body and health you dream of. If you want to meet the love of your life, moping in your dark bedroom playing sad love songs ,won't get you there. If you want to manifest money, playing Xbox 24/7 won't improve your earning capacity.

  • Have patience and faith in Divine timing (the perfect time-space sequence).

May your Manifestation be Realised (become your reality) and may the vision you have created for your future come into existence in the present, for the Highest and Greatest good of all concerned! 🙏 AMEN! So Be It!


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