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Get SMART with your goal-setting and achieve success!

Updated: Aug 25

Dido Blagden, Life Coach and Counsellor
Get SMART with your Goals

Achieve success using S.M.A.R.T. goals

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of your choices. SMART goals is a proactive goal-setting tool which helps to set you up for optimal success and achievement. It helps you plan, and to stay motivated and accountable.

Consider Categories or areas of your life which you wish to transform. If you have a nagging feeling that something is wrong, but cannot quite put a finger on it, if you're just feeling unmotivated or "Bleh (see my blog post), it may be very helpful if you download my Balance Workbook Alternatively, it could be helpful to do something like Tony Robbins’ Wheel of Life Assessment online, to evaluate where you need improvement, or have to find balance and harmony in your life... so that you know which of the categories you want to proactively target with your SMART goal-setting tool.

Here are some of the categories where you can set goals:

1 family

2 friends / social setting and support group

3 career and finances

4 health and well-being

5 faith/ spirituality and contribution

6 fun and leisure

7 growth and learning

NB Questions to ask when setting goals:

  • what skills do I need to achieve this goal?

  • What Benefits will I enjoy by achieving this goal?

  • What Info and knowledge is needed to achieve the goal?

  • What Help assistance or collaboration do I need?

  • What kind of resources can assist me?

  • Who/ what can become obstacles in my progress?

  • How can I minimise the obstacles in advance?

  • Am I making any Assumptions? If so, what are they?

  • What am I not seeing?

  • Is there a better way of doing this?

The S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting system:

  • To achieve success you need a regular organised method of setting goals.

  • Choose positive, solution-oriented, optimistic goals and word accordingly

  • Write goals down

  • Prioritise goals

S.M.A.R.T Goals must be:







Specify what is the goal with enormous detail and clarity. Clarity gives you awareness, insight and power!

Affirmations, visualisation add emotion (with conscious intention) are magnets for manifestation.

Include specific BENEFITS- the WHY will motivate you (consider your values).


Measurement eliminates any argument - can determine how you are moving/ progress towards your goal. It’s been said that the only way to eat an elephant is in Biteable bits and Chewable chunks…. Be descriptive and specific and break it down into ongoing specific detailed mini goals you can achieve en route (This is known as “Chunking it Down”.)

Remember that “Nothing succeeds like success”, so being able to objectively measure how much you have achieved and how far you have come is essential to evaluate your progress! To know if your measurements are objective ask whether someone else can objectively evaluate your progress, using your parameters).


Time doesn’t exist…. The mind cannot tell the difference between something actually occurring in real time, or something vividly imagined and visually dynamic, especially if it elicits strong emotion! Look at my Blog post on how to make a Vision Board for Manifestation!

Remember: What you fire you (hard)wire! Where focus goes energy flows!

Affirmations, visualisation (imagine your desire as already manifest, in vivid detail and using imagined information from all the senses and imagined emotions). For example if you are seeking to be financially independent, imagine yourself feeling secure as you are out to dinner with your family at a fabulous restaurant where everyone is ordering exactly what they want and sharing the joy with gratitude knowing you have no stress with regards to paying the bill. Imagine the tastes, the feelings, maybe discussing various options of which of the best university courses your kid wants to study, or where you and your spouse are going to go on a second honeymoon (because money is no issue). Think about how you plan to add a generous tip to your waiter (who you know is studying, but working extra shifts to pay for his studies while supporting his frail mother at home). Use active verbs

Determine actual steps

“I AM” affirmations are the most powerful. Affirmations must always be stated in the PRESENT TENSE as though goals are already true / in progress today.

Affirmations must always be POSITIVE. The subconscious mind doesn’t “hear” negative words. So rather than say: “I don’t want to be alone”, say: “Loving people fill my life. I am loveable, loving and loved”.

Start right here and now don’t DELAY GOALS… postponement = procrastination


Goals must be achievable/ attainable with commitment effort and consistency

Challenging (not easy or boring because then they are not valuable)….but not unattainable (pie in the sky) - either way you’ll soon get de-motivated and discouraged.

Look at your planning. Planning is in the details!

Also look at potential obstacles that may stand in your way (review the questions above).

Review steps to set you up for success- get the knowledge/ information, support and resources.


Have specific deadlines for steps along the way and a final deadline. Remember life is more about the journey than the destination!

Goals without deadlines are merely dreams!

Be flexible and adaptable, you can always adjust and make your timeline more appropriate and more realistic as time goes on (if progress is halted or something interrupts progress)

NB Review goals very regularly (daily) to stay responsible and accountable- affirmations, visualisation- keep a journal of goals commit them to memory and constantly evaluate your progress - remember, where focus goes, energy flows!

How to turn goals into a project:

  1. Start at final deadline and work way backwards to determine steps along the way and the short term goals and deadlines.Develop a Step-by-step list and timeline chunking your goal down into biteable bits and chewable chunks

  2. Schedule time daily to work on the goal. Need to make a time commitment - schedule it daily in your diary- make it a routine/ habit- leads to consistency. Schedule the time because it requires effort, energy and time - anything of value, always does! So, prioritise this, make time rather than find time!

  3. Turn your goals into priorities/ important tasks - your success depends on it! Wake up and prioritise which tasks must be accomplished by end of the day- put them in a hierarchy of importance and schedule time for them.

  4. Schedule time for single actions. Sometimes certain things have to be done which are a responsibility or task on their own, such as registering a company, or employing the perfect P.A.

  5. Track your goals on a daily basis! The key to achieving goals is consistency Precise (objective and accurate) Measurement is necessary (create measurements for every step and outcome you wish to achieve). Keep a journal and log your progress. Use precise time frames and amounts or units that quantify your progression towards your goal.

Successful goals = successful habits, routines and rituals. 💝 Do download my free resource workbook to reinforce this knowledge and help keep you on track! Wishing you every success!!!

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