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21 days to transform your life

5 teeny changes for 21days is all it takes to transform your quality of life and wellbeing....

So how this is going to work.... starting today.....

Today choose 3 things to add to your life daily that are proactive- helpful, hopeful, useful, worthwhile - things you know will improve your health/ wellbeing.

Make sure they are positive and specific. They are things you will include in your life daily for the next 21 days! So, for example, me it is fresh (not just cooked/ processed) fruit and vegetables, 20minutes of meditation and at least 20minutes of exercise.

Now choose one less ‘ healthy‘ thing you will cut out of your life for the next 21 days- for me it will be Artificial Sweeteners.

Finally pick one thing you will change that (you imagine) someone significant/ important/ respected would want you to change about you for your own good/ benefit or for the good/benefit of your relationship(s). This is not something you will do for the other person but rather something you sense/ feel/ believe they would want you to do for you in order to grow. This can either be something you add or something you subtract from your life. You will not ask someone or tell someone - this is something you intuitively feel someone else or the majority of your friends or family or a wise respected mentor would suggest you change for your own benefit For me it would be that my boyfriend feels I speak “negative” words and thereby give them energy.... (and we manifest that which we give energy to) - eg he has called me out on saying things like “this heat is killing me...” or “if we break up...” or “I just can’t seem to make money”.... so for the next 21 days I choose to be mindful of the words I speak and to keep my words proactive, and affirmational. I will THINK before I speak!

As I was always coached when training for the Comrades marathon.... baby steps- the only way to eat an elephant is in bite-able bits and chewable chunks..... to transform yourself and your life you really need to start by making small sustainable easily doable things you can and will do/ change/ sustain DAILY, just for 21 days!!! Nothing succeeds like success....

Mark off 21days on your calendar and have the reminder of them daily on your “to do list” each day you need to check them off.

After 21 days you will look at each of these things and then decide whether or not they have had any useful impact on your life, Heath, happiness and wellbeing.... if not you will ditch it and replace it with something else. If it has you will keep doing it for the next 21days.

You only stop doing things that are no longer helpful or useful, and only add to your list when something drops off.

After 90 days you can choose to start a new list from scratch, but until then use the 5 items you have chosen and only replace an item if/ when (after doing it for 21days) you feel it has little or no benefit or value or is making little / no impact.

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