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Manifestation, redemption and realignment to my core values in 2024

A scale, hypnotic pocket watch and Libra symbols
Finding balance

So 2024 is a year of the Wood Dragon (Chinese astrology) and an 8 year (numerologically)… and this all aligns with my personal chart which is also very much about letting go of the old (all that doesn’t serve me) and opening my heart/ mind/ consciousness to all that does…. Downloading it! Taking it onboard! Making my own!

As my previous blog post was all about I have had to let go of so much baggage (so much “stuff” that no longer serves me…) To date that includes losing 10kg of lard, dumping destructive habits (eg am now teetotal and don’t eat any processed food… and am back to being a healthy, whole food, plant-based, intermittent fasting Vegan. The pay-off has been remarkable in every area of my life! Regained health, confidence, energy and stamina. Balanced moods, clear thinking and the best sleep ever! Am awake, aware, inspired, high-vibrational, sexy and motivated! Manifestation, redemption and realignment to my core values is my journey for 2024!

Has it been challenging? Yes very! Letting go of the man I loved and especially questioning how much of that love was merely an idealistic fantasy on my part….(It truly wasn’t as REAL, or unconditional, or everlasting as I had let myself believe). But, I have also been reminded, how loved and supported I am by the universe - both the environment and my incredible friends and support group. Everything has just shown me that I am where I am where I am meant to be, I am loved and valuable here and now for my role as a light warrior and healer. I am doing what is for the highest and greatest good. I am both living my passion and my purpose and not selling out to some illusion or delusion of the fairytale “happily ever after” riding off into the sunset with some illusory heroic “soul mate”…. It is clear I do not either need "rescuing", or a holiday from my life - I truly am blessed, and have it all, right here, right now!

I also had a few health challenges along the way. Did some major fasting - and the benefits were incredible - I do now swear by the miracle that intermittent fasting but especially the longer fasts including Autophagy have to offer in quickly re-setting your system, recovering from unhealthy habits and diet and also regaining one’s health and vitality. Detoxing isn’t fun and then finding the right balance in terms of healthy sustainable fasting and restriction can be challenging. I developed  some pretty excruciating leg cramps at night. A process of elimination seems to have shown that a Keto diet (especially as a vegan) was just not sustainable or enjoyable longterm…. so I am back to eating plenty of legumes  and my addiction to PnB is being fulfilled with sugar and salt free amazing Almond butter! Am also heavily supplementing with Magnesium and various other supplements (just whilst I've been on the strict fasting regime). Have also made sure the diet is not too alkaline - which could also contribute to the cramping. The importance of fermented foods also have become a priority - so Miso, kimchi or sauerkraut, tofu, water kefir or kombucha and the miracle that is Natokinase (although here I take the supplement) feature in my daily diet - gut health is essential for hormonal balance and mood as well as most if not all endocrine functions! The video suggestions I shared in my previous blog were instrumental in my success and changing the tide on my health and wellbeing - hormonally and in terms of longevity and lifestyle! For a giggle here will also share the genius hypno-NLP guru’s Gastric Band hypnosis (although in truth, I only came across this a day or two ago…) (note the audio file can be played free, at the bottom of the page, without signing up or purchasing the book).

I have also started my Hypnotherapy Course. Once again this also is not without challenge - the financial cost is perhaps the greatest obstacle…. But I am committed, and do hope to complete the entire set of courses in order to be registered, within a year. Once again in this I am learning first hand, the importance of learning to LET GO and TRUST THE PROCESS - knowing that only when you let go of the critical mind and all one’s programs and fears and need to control outcomes, does one find one’s answers in the stillness and the divinity within the subconscious…. That which is all-knowing and part of infinite knowing and limitless opportunities. Everything I am encountering so far this year is dove-tailing beautifully and there is so much magical synchronicity! Hypnotherapy is also a tool that will work so beautifully in my trauma counselling toolbox…. Works so well together with NLP and the various other tools and techniques I use daily!

I share this with my audience because I think we all need proof that magical miracles and transformational manifestation does happen. Also it is affirmation that life is an ongoing learning curve - when we get comfortable we stagnate in our comfort zone. Also, as a helper and healer - it is my duty to share my own learning and experience of what works for me - so that it’s clear that I authentically “practice what I preach”. Also, that I am nobody’s “guru” but also just (lie each of my clients) going through this human experience. By sharing some of my journey, it’s also clear that transformational growth is not without effort, commitment and sacrifice…. But as we all know - where focus goes, energy flows (or what we ‘fire” we hardwire). NLP, Hypnosis and manifestation (The Secret, Mind Power or whatever it’s branded as) is all about changing our neural pathways and habits to becoming happier, healthier versions of ourselves. Letting go of that which no longer serves us and embracing and becoming the person we want to be - the highest, most fulfilled, functional person who lives their purpose with passion and joy! I am very excited with regards to what the rest of this year has in store, and I stand in my power and courage knowing that whatever obstacles and challenges arise I have the skills, ability, willingness, courage and work ethic to overcome them!  Life is beautiful, and I am grateful and blessed!


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