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Celebrate your CRAZY!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple:

Why do we define ourselves by the CRAZY? Instead of saying "I feel anxious or depressed" or better still, I suffer from anxiety or depression" instead these says, people say "I AM DEPRESSED", "I AM ANXIOUS", "I AM BI-POLAR"... as if our emotions define WHO we fundamentally are at the core. The stigma of mental illness is now being used to explain away people behaving badly and has become an excuse for just about everything. Perhaps we are all, in the 21st century nothing more than all just living in a perpetual state of Existential Angst where we aren't managing to find the reason for our malaise and discontent... Perhaps that's why so many people also suffocate in their secure, comfort zones rather than rock the boat.... - like the Fable of the Boiling Frog... So many people are on Anti-depressants or Anti-Anxiety medications, sleeping tablets etc .... and those who aren't often self-medicate with alcohol, or cigarettes or dagga etc. "to take the edge off"... If our crazy isn't so CRAZY after all, and in fact is perhaps a normal response to a mad world, perhaps we can rather embrace the passion, and pain part of being TRULY alive.... why do we need to mute it? It doesn't define us, but is just is how we are feeling at a given moment in time.... if we focus on it, we give it power... so let's choose when to focus on it and how to harness it. Let's CHOOSE crazy rather than letting crazy choose us :-) , why be ordinary when we can extraordinary.... LET US CHANGE THE WORLD, and lead by example!

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