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I am not Hair

Sooooo, two days ago I had another lesson in EGO, and how to let go and detach from it. Requires courage to be vulnerable, and calmness to learn life’s lessons- but it is also empowering to learn that I am not my hair, my wardrobe, my relationship status, my qualifications, my address etc… I am SO MUCH MORE! 

So… I was cutting my hair outside, which I always do myself, and the shaver ran out of charge. Before I plugged it in to charge, I removed the plastic clip on blade that determines length of cut, and cleaned the metal blade! 

A little later, I walked past the mirror and noticed there was still a big tuft behind my ear! Nonchalantly I went over to the shaver and snipped the tuft off- except I hadn’t put the plastic blade back on 😳

Well now I had gone from tuft to bald spot 🫣

Quickly considering the options- no use crying over spilled milk… I shaved the rest off! 

Everyone is fearing the freezing impending 🥶 cold front, but I am celebrating beanie weather!!! 

Truly we are so precious and judgemental about shallow stuff that often in the moment feels as though the world will end (or momentarily you wish it would). Often shame is what we choose to feel when we screw up, instead of focusing on what the lesson is in this. A sense of humour and ability to detach from ego and social pressures to conform certainly helps! 

My lesson is : I am not my hair and I really to pay more attention to  3D when performing mundane tasks such as grooming! I fell off a ladder once (through being ditzy me) and thought I broke my wrist- clearly hadn’t learned my lesson there… so the universe kindly provided me with a new lesson!

This too shall pass and it shall grow back… and BONUS- won’t need another haircut for a loooooooong time! 

PS I am not hair (I mean available) and won’t be accepting any social engagements for a while- am hibernating!


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