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Dystopian Zeitgeist - Open letter to Alternative Media

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Dear Alternative Media, Wayshowers, Mentors, Enlighteners, Galactic Federation of Light, Psychics, Spiritual guides, Gurus, ET’s, Q-anons etc. etc. etc.

We the sheeple are lost in the valley of darkness and all you have shown us is that we are surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing…. and a few Dolly’s (sheep clones). We are meant to awaken and ask the hard questions about our reality (life as we knew it)…. As much grass as we munch and as much as we seek our sheep dogs and shepherds to keep us safe, lead the way and herd us away from the existential precipice (and towards enlightenment and the “Star of Bethlehem”) we just wonder as we wander, whether the Sheep in Sedona or Area 51 know if androids dream of electric sheep….perhaps Q-anon will drop us a hint? We look into that abyss but that abyss also looks into us and many of us have become the black sheep of our family by awakening and questioning the status quo…

Yes, we are ignorant, naive and innocent… but the more we forage and ponder on our own, the more we mourn our blissful 3-D existence when Panda eyes were the eyes of adorable bamboo nibbling black and white Chinese teddybears, not the eyes of anally raped toddlers or eye makeup of adrenochrome slurping celebrities!

We are drowning and floundering in the Dystopian Zeitgeist, hence me writing this this letter to Alternative Media. We cannot help but feel your contempt for our woolly logic and it seems you have started to revel in our distress and dumbness. By so doing and teasing us with “If you know, you know” memes, you are also making a mockery of the trauma, tyranny and diabolical abuse lurking in the shadows (as above, so below)…. where a whole underworld of D.U.M.B’s exist - hell on earth!

You tell us to wake up, raise our IQ’s, EQ’s and vibrations…. that it has all been in our faces and under our noses all this time…. but then you put on Hollywood productions and use obfuscation, distraction, riddles and ridicule as. We have seen a world in black and white and now everything is filled with Grey’s…. and shape shifters, clones, body doubles…. oh and people who have been raised from the dead. Like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Princess Di and of course JFK(s)….

You tell us to put on our big girl panties, pull up our socks, brace ourselves and buckle up… but to most of us, this this rollercoaster ride is making us ill… more ill than any "Corona Virus"…. for we not only question reality but we question our sanity and even the sanctity of life!

Frankly, your version of empowerment and enlightenment is starting to feel like yet another playground or amusement park ride - perhaps the ones in charge of the levers and handles are wearing different coloured hats and different masks and clown costumes. But, and I ask you this in all earnestness, how is your intellectual superiority, Gnositicism (being all-knowing, omniscient or clairvoyant) any different from the arrogance of the ruling cabal and Illuminati…. perhaps it is not prudent (kind or moral) to mock the flock? What are you actually doing differently to help us become enlightened, intuitive, insightful? Alternative Media and news has also become a charade, a pantomime…. Our herd are tired, our serenity (to accept the things we cannot change) is wearing thin (we are becoming jaded and cynical, bitter not better) and many of us just wish to return to munching grass…. By the same token, using shock tactics and coercion just make us feel overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless, worthless and we want to go and eat worms…. and then line up for our dewormers, vaccines and the trucks to the Gates of the slaughter house! If this is the “new normal” perhaps we would prefer our ignorant bliss.

Sadly though, we have awakened…. we know what we know (and we can’t un-know or un-see what we have learnt)…. we also now know that we DON’T know and that nothing is as it seems!

We the sheeple need leadership and guidance! Bring on the big reveal, lift the veil, remove the masks and muzzles…. just cut the crap already and tell us what the fuck is really going on…. The time for fairytales and bedtime stories is over…. We want the real narrative now - it is long overdue!

Honestly, alternative media, you are starting to seem as absurd, ludicrous and comical as the other side. We are no longer easily entertained, so just stop it already, we want to get off this ride! Can all the bad actors take their final bows…. or perhaps old Willy was right….. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. (Macbeth).

For those of you good shepherds, Vegans and therapy dogs - GRATITUDE!!!! We the sheep see you, hear you and follow you. Please continue to do your good work…. But please also share our message to the powers that be and to those who make a mockery or tease us with candy floss because they arrogantly assume that we are nothing more than cottonwool…. Yours truly, Dido Blagden #dare2bxtraordinary


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