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Merry Christmas 🎄

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the home, not a mozzie was stirring, not even a gnome. Dog’s stockings were hung out of range, to be fair we were masked and were muzzled cos we know Santa’s in care. The woofles were nestled all snug in their beds, as they ran in their sleep as a K9 task force for Feds. And Trump in the Whitehouse , was all hunkered down, And Lizzy had her curlers in and wasn’t wearing her crown. When out in the street we heard loud megaphones, I sprang from my bed to see Alex Jones. He was telling Joe Biden to take a long hike and then out of the gloom materialized David Icke.

Saturn and Jupiter kissed once again as the Age of Sagittarius began to begin, When what to my awakened eyes it would show, but mystical inter-galactical aircraft...a flying saucer UFO! With a cute little E.T. not wearing a mask, so me and the dogs where left quite aghast! Did he not know we were in full lockdown, as he walked down the steps with a smile not a frown: "Now Venus! Now Pluto! Now, Mercury and Mars! And Comet! And black hole! And planets and stars!

Raise those vibrations right up to 5D! It’s time for these dumb ass sheeple to SEE! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away FREE"

As covid vaccines loom that change DNA, the E.T. flew with his luminous sleigh Laden with Vitamins and Hydroxychloroquine and Steroid Inhalers and Ivermectin....

And then, in a twinkling, the E.T. did see That he needed to deposit an orgonite pyramid to absorb the 5G. As I prayed for deliverance for me and my kin, I noticed luminous light luminating out of my skin. The dogs were levitating and floating about and it was in that moment I knew without doubt, That this little E.T. certainly has extraordinary clout. The dogs really loved this and kinda went 'bos', While I evacluate the damage now caused by this toss....

His eyes they were feline His skin had loads of scales! His health was in decline but his sense of of humour never fails. His dragon like tail was forked at the end and his asinine chatter drove me quite round the bend. The stump of a tail clung tight to his ass and the way he begged for dagga cookies seemed kinda crass. I felt sort of guilty for letting him in - he was no doubt an Archon also known as a Jinn. In a blink of an eye and with nothing being said, He set my mind at peace, I had nothing to dread. He slurped up the milk and gobbled the 'koek' and and filled all the stockings, quite by the book. Raising his middle finger as his vuvuzela he blows and grabbing his crotch up the chimney he rose. He sprang to his flying saucer and to his team gave a shout And away they all flew sucking up all confusion and doubt. But I heard him exclaim, “Merry Christmas , don’t be a clot.... don’t fricken dare take that Gates Covid shot”.

-Dido Blagden, Xmas 2020-

My dogs on a Christmas card
Merry Christmas 2020

Santa forgot his mask
Christmas Cartoon


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