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What 2020 has taught me...

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Enlightenment, finding the light in the darkness and spreading the light (learning and love) is essential to my being and purpose as an empath, healer and light worker. Masking is akin to muzzling people, people who feel they have lost their voice, feel they aren’t being heard, and so they feel a need to raise their voice, Raising voices becomes reactive, rather than responsive. Not only can we not hear each other but we cannot recognise each other behind the mask…. we cannot hear a laugh or see a smile, we are suffocating behind the muzzles. Social Distancing causes disconnection and alienation, depression, anxiety and suicide. Masking and Social Distancing has caused more ill health (lack of well-being), distress, dis-ease and death than Covid-19 ever could. Fear, anxiety and distress do more harm than any virus (real or manufactured) could to the immune system and our sense of wellbeing!

This existential crisis is real. Beware of the agenda…. things are not as they seem. Our freedoms and liberties are being insidiously curtailed. The New World Order/ Great Reset is fascist and opposed to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association and movement, hence the masks and social distancing imposed by autocratic leaders the world over. We cannot embrace this “new normal” it means the loss of everything that makes us human and humane. Only our empathy, love, creativity and connection to each other and enlightenment (ie the light - the Divine, the Source, Higher Consciousness/ the Universe/ God/ Allah) Stress and distress make people better or bitter. How we rise to the challenges going forward depend on our values and how we choose to see the world, and what we choose to tolerate and accept. Whatever we accept we get more of, whatever we acquiesce to we condone, when we conform, we confirm. Beware!!! Before you know it, you have consented to giving away your rights and freedoms to choose, to move, the speak, to associate, to think and holds opinions and beliefs. Conformity creates a herd, connection creates herd immunity and community!!!

Becoming enlightened and awakened comes with the realisation that you know what you know but also don’t know what you don’t know, and trying to narrow the gap between the two. In 2020, fact, truth and news have become very blurred with agendas, mind control propaganda, fake news and conspiracy theories. One has to remain open hearted and open minded and rely on one’s own discernment, judgment, reasoning, critical thinking, intuition and instinct. To see the light, we also have to look at the shadows and the darkness…. both within ourselves and in our experience of life. There has been a great awakening and many of us are realising that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that oftentimes teachers and gurus have an agenda all of their own. To live your own authentic truth may necessitate you choosing which “version” of the truth is most aligned to your own. Increasingly I have realised just how little I know, and sometimes I even understand many people’s fear of exploring this great unknown, for without light (and so many false beacons) it can be a very dark and shadowy place!!!!

Voodoo doll of the Cabal
Aurora had the Clot shot and all her boosters...

I have learned that real evil exists, pedophilia was not just something that happened to me in the distant recesses of my memory, but is rampant. Satanic Ritual Abuse, cannibalism, torture, human trafficking, the slave trade and commercial sexual exploitation is thriving. Nefarious leaders compete not just for votes but for our souls. Rich, power hungry philanthropists plan to cull the population. The fourth Industrial Revolution is a technocracy which will fuse humanity with artificial intelligence. What is being sold as “advancement”, “enhancement” and “innovation” is in fact selling our souls to the devil and enslaving future generations. Science Fiction, Horror Stories and conspiracy theories have emerged as the Covid Plandemic Agenda becomes our reality. I have also been reminded how creative, resilient, flexible, adaptable and able to learn, grow and change we are…. We are awakening…. We are learning to live in love, faith and hope…. We are learning that we cannot take our civil liberties and rights for granted and that we MUST defend them and stand up for them. In solidarity, and with all it takes to remain humane, we must stand together. We MUST take off the muzzle, we MUST connect, we must together create our own version of the “new normal”, we are the ones who must co-create New Earth, because that is the legacy we will leave our kids. We cannot acquiesce to the malevolent rules of a tiny corrupt ruling elite. As 2020 draws to a close, let us celebrate our humanity, have gratitude for all we do have and endeavour to fight for our freedom, liberty and the right to choose what we think and the freedom to express our views. Let us fight for bodily integrity - autonomy and self-determination over out own body - mandated vaccines cannot be enforced! Let us fight for freedom of movement and our right to travel. Let us fight for the right to meet, associate and participate. Let us fight for freedom of choice and the ability to choose the lifestyle we wish to live and the legacy we wish to leave behind for future generations. Let us focus on what makes us human and humane -love, compassion, kindness and connection, (not on intolerance, division, prejudice, hatred and violence). United we will stand, divided we will fall! Let us take off the muzzles and speak out against tyrants, let us hug and kiss, spread the love and light and celebrate life once more!!!


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